Tenth meeting of the ECPGR Executive Committee

The tenth meeting of the ExCo took place in October 2017 in Ljubljana, back-to-back with the ECPGR Networking meeting.

New AEGIS accessions from Romania

Romania has recently flagged 416 accessions for the AEGIS European Collection.

The total number of European Accessions is now 33 234.

ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme - outcomes of the Fifth Call

Two new proposals were submitted, and the BETANET proposal originally submitted under the Fourth Call was re-submitted as requested

AEGIS/AQUAS - New Operational genebank manual from Estonian Associate Member

The Estonian Crop Research Institute finalized their Operational genebank manual.....

New AEGIS accessions from Lithuania

A new country has recently contributed to the AEGIS European Collection: Lithuania flagged 26 Hordeum accessions.

EURISCO Newsletter August 2017

The EURISCO Newsletter August 2017 has been released

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