Phase X (2019-2023)

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Call numberAcronym Working GroupFinal reportDate of publication
6ExploDiv Grain Legumes  
6forEVA Grain Legumes  
6Garli-CCS Allium / Cryopreservation / Documentation & Information  
6INWHEATORY On-farm Conservation & Management / Wheat  
6Sylvestris Vitis  
5BiDifferent On-farm conservation and management / Wheat  
5FRUITTREEDATA Malus/Pyrus / Prunus  
4Cucurbitlocal CucurbitsPDF2024
3GRIN-Global II Documentation and InformationPDF2023
3EUBRASWILD Brassica  
1AEG-VIT-IS VitisPDF2022
1Inclusion of CWR sites in European in situ network Wild Species Conservation in Genetic ReservesPDF (84,6 KB) 2021