Phase IX (2014-2018)

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Call numberAcronym Working GroupFinal reportDate of publication
6ImprovLoliumCol Forages / Doc&InfoPDF2022
6EUGrainLeg Grain LegumesLink2023
6Training in Triticum species Wheat  
5Prunus Alignment PrunusLink2021
4ECPGR Networking All Working GroupsPDF (524,1 KB)2018
4SafeAlliDiv AlliumPDF (3,2 MB)2020
4GRIN-Global Documentation and InformationPDF (368,1 KB)2017
4Pomefruit - C&E Malus/PyrusPDF2023
4CarrotDiverse Umbellifer  
3SMARTLEG Grain LegumesLink2023
3CCLEAFY Leafy Vegetables

PDF (331,4 KB)

appendixes (1,9 MB)

3MAP EUROCOLLECTION Medicinal and Aromatic PlantsLink2022
3GrapeOnFarm VitisPDF (352,7 KB)2018
3TRISECA WheatPDF (629,6 KB)2018
3EURISCO Training 2017 Documentation and InformationPDF (978,5 KB)2017
3LINKAGES On-farm Conservation and Management / Documentation and InformationPDF (481,1 KB)2018
2EURISCO Training 2016 Documentation and InformationPDF (379,4 KB)2017
2Barley C&E Data BarleyPDF (476,1 KB)2019
2ForageDataAccess ForagesPDF (544,8 KB)2018
2EU.CHERRY PrunusPDF (445,8 KB)2019
2InWiGrape VitisPDF (351,4 KB)2017
2CWR Conservation Strategies Wild species conservation in genetic reservesPDF (383,6 KB)2017
1HordEva Barley / Doc&InfoPDF (764,4 KB)2016
1GeDiPa Beta / Wild species conservationPDF (949,1 KB)2017
1COCHEVABRAS BrassicaPDF (1,8 MB)2016
1EURISCO Training 2015 Doc&InfoPDF (3,2 MB)2015
1Forages 2020 Forages/ Wild species conservation/ Doc&InfoPDF (1,3 MB)2016
1ECoHisPy Malus/Pyrus  
1PRUNDOC PrunusPDF (414,7 KB)2016
1TRAID WheatPDF (402,6 KB)2016