Identification and updating of C&E data in EBDB of AEGIS Hordeum

Activity Coordinator: Jan Svensson Email

The project "Identification and updating of C&E data in EBDB of AEGIS Hordeum", submitted by the BarleyWorking Group for funding under the Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee in December 2014.

July 2016

The Final Activity Report is now available:

Full data for AEGIS candidates identified in HordEva

Nordic countries
Romania (79,0 KB)
Slovakia (50,5 KB)

In total 14 countries selected a total of 15 157 barley AEGIS candidates in the HordEva Activity.

Activity participants currently have the capacity to maintain their European Collections. NordGen, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia are open for safety duplication under black-box arrangement if needed.

One objective of HordEva was not reached: updating of C&E data in the European Barley database (EBDB). This was not done since the EBDB is currently not funded and no updates have been done since 2001. However, EURISCO is suitable as C&E data repository, and will be used for this purpose. An inventory of C&E data was done by the participants and C&E data are available once there is a suitable repository for barley data.


A first meeting to finalize the detailed workplan for the project took place on 21 April 2015 in Berlin.

The project meeting took place in Alnarp, Sweden on 18-20 November 2015. The meeting was attended by ten Activity partners (eight ECPGR-funded, two self-funded) and two observers. All partners presented their countries’ barley AEGIS candidates and the respective information on C&E data. Selection criteria, gaps, management rules - in particular safety backup - were discussed for the AEGIS candidates. In addition, partners discussed topics for future ECPGR barley-related activities and procedures to follow for the implementation of the AEGIS Quality System (AQUAS) in barley.

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