EVA – The European Evaluation Network for Plant Genetic Resources

Established by ECPGR in 2019, EVA brings together diverse stakeholders of PGRFA in Europe to improve our knowledge of the diversity of genetic plant material held in European genebanks and make them accessible for use in breeding and research. 


New AEGIS accessions from the Czech Republic

With 402 new accessions from the Czech Republic, the European Collection now holds 70,830 accessions

Training School on Dormant Bud Cryopreservation

The Training School, organized by the ECPGR Cryopreservation Working Group, will be held in Faenza, Italy, 21-23 May 2024.

Getting to the roots of carrot genetic diversity

A study by the EVA Carrot Network, published in Acta Horticulturae, shed light on carrot genetic diversity, evaluating 60 landraces from 16 countries


Genetic Resources Journal

A full open-access peer-reviewed journal publishing research, methods, case studies as well as reviews and opinion papers on the present and future use and conservation of genetic resources. Genetic Resources is supported by ECPGR and ERFP.

Submit your manuscript at: www.GenResJ.org

Our  vision
The widest plant diversity is preserved for sustainable agriculture,
food security and quality

Our mission
European Network to promote conservation, management and sustainable use
of plant genetic diversity


A European Genebank Integrated



European Search Catalogue
for Plant Genetic Resources



European Evaluation


PRO-GRACE: Promoting a Plant Genetic Resources Community for Europe

ECPGR is part of PRO-GRACE, a EU-funded project to develop the concept for a novel European Research Infrastructure dedicated to cataloguing, describing, safeguarding and enhancing European plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.

ECPGR is leading WP5 (Research Infrastructure concept, social and regulatory aspects, governance and financial plan), which will define what the proposed Research Infrastructure (RI) will look like by providing a technical analysis of the current RI ecosystem, identifying its main stakeholders, promoters and users, and establishing its services, structure, governance and financial plan.


Genetic Resources Gateway

The Genetic Resources Gateway is a crowd-sourced platform serving as an entry point to the landscape of forest, plant and animal genetic resources in Europe.

To be featured on the Gateway, stakeholders from organizations working on genetic resources in Europe and neighbouring countries can register and add their organization and key content (multimedia material, technical guidelines, maps, projects, databases and success stories).

The Genetic Resources Gateway is one of the key products of the GenRes Bridge project, a joint initiative of the three European networks for genetic resources, ECPGR, EUFORGEN and ERFP.