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CGIAR - Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

 Other United Nations sites

Regional Europe

  • Bern Convention - the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats
  • CAC - Plant Genetic Resources in Central Asia and Caucasus 
  • CPVO - Community Plant Variety Office  
  • EPPN - The European Plant Phenotyping  Network (EPPN)
  • EUCARPIA - European Association for Research on Plant Breeding
  • EUFGIS -Establishment of a European information system on forest genetic resources
  • EUFORGEN - European Forest Genetic Resources Programme
  • Euroseeds - European Seed Association
  • GENRES - Information System on Genetic Resources, ZADI, Bonn, Germany
  • PGR-COMNET - Community network of plant genetic resources stakeholders in Europe
  • PHASELIEU - Improvement of sustainable Phaseolus production in Europe for Human consumption
  • Plant ETP (European Technology Platform 'Plants for the Future') – a stakeholder forum for the plant sector
  • Planta Europa - Network to conserve European wild plants and fungi
  • SEEDNet - South East European Development Network on Plant Genetic Resources
  • UKGRFA - UK's Information Portal on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

European Union sites 

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