The ECPGR European Evaluation Network (EVA) for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture is an international project aimed at increasing the use of crop genetic diversity in plant breeding through implementation of crop-specific public–private partnerships involving diverse stakeholders.

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If you are interested in joining the EVA networks, please contact the EVA Coordinator Sandra Goritschnig

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Unlocking maize diversity: a new study on European landraces by the EVA Network

Published in Biology, the study showcases the genetic and phenotypic diversity of 626 maize landraces preserved in European genebanks.

Getting to the roots of carrot genetic diversity

A study by the EVA Carrot Network, published in Acta Horticulturae, shed light on carrot genetic diversity, evaluating 60 landraces from 16 countries

Single primer enrichment technology – a new genomic resource to investigate the diversity of lettuce germplasm

For the first time, the single primer enrichment technology (SPET) – a novel high-throughput genotyping method – was used in lettuce to study the…

The EVA project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food
and Agriculture for the period 2019-2024.