Evaluation protocols and templates

Standard scoring protocols allow the results from all trials to be readily compared across geographic locations and years. The EVA networks have developed evaluation protocols specific for their crops and evaluation goals, which are adjusted and improved as needed. The scoring scales are aligned with existing FAO/IPGRI standard descriptors where possible and detailed instructions on the scoring method are provided for each evaluating partner.

Data collection templates have been developed in collaboration with EURISCO, which allow easy upload of data to the EURISCO-EVA intranet, where data are collected for display and analysis by EVA network partners during the data embargo period. These simple Excel templates are based on MIAPPE protocols, collecting relevant metadata on plant material evaluated, trial locations, setup and practices as well as a description of traits and relevant scoring scales that facilitate comparison of multilocation trial data. The template to collect phenotypic data is standardized for all networks and can accommodate new traits. Database upload requires adherence to the specified format and includes a verification step, where users receive feedback on possible common errors during data curation.

Data collection templates:

The EVA project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food
and Agriculture for the period 2019-2024.