Breeding companies

The EVA networks are public-private partnerships and as such, the majority of partners come from the private sector. Partners in the crop-specific EVA networks include breeding companies of all sizes, from small cooperatives to large multinationals, all equally benefiting from their participation in EVA, the exchange of knowledge and the priority access to interesting plant materials and associated large phenotypic datasets from multilocation field trials for traits of interest for breeders.

Breeding companies typically provide in-kind contributions to multiplications and evaluations and perform most of the evaluation field trials.

See below a list of participating breeding companies.

Countries involved


 CarrotLegumesLettuceMaizePepperWheat and BarleyCountryInstitute
1         Belgium Protealis, Ghent
2          Denmark Sejet Plant Breeding, Horsens
3          Denmark Nordic Seed, Galten
4          Finland Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd., Jokioinen
5         France Takii France SA, Eyragues
6       France Limagrain, La Ménitré
7         France OBS Innovation, Plougoulm
8         France Limagrain, Saint Beauzire
9       France Gautier Semences, Eyragues
10          France Bayer Seeds SAS, Lyon
11         France RAGT R2N, Rodez
12        France Lidea/Euralis, Lescar
13          France MAS Seeds, Haut-Marco
14         France Rijk Zwaan France SARL, Aramon
15         France Agri Obtentions, Guyancourt
16         France Semences de Provence, Fourques
17         France GSN Semences, Riscle
18          Germany Syngenta Seeds GmbH, Bad Salzuflen
19           Germany KWS Lochow GmbH, Bergen
20          Germany BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed GmbH, Gatersleben
21          Germany Ackermann Saatzucht GmbH & Co. KG, Irlbach
22        Germany Deutsche Saatveredelung AG, Lippstadt
23          Germany Saatzucht Josef Breun GmbH & Co. KG, Herzogenaurach
24          Germany Saatzucht Streng-Engelen GmbH & Co, Uffenheim
25          Germany W. von Borries-Eckendorf GmbH & Co. KG, Leopoldshoehe
26          Germany KWS SAAT SE & Co. KG, Einbeck
27         Italy Carosem GmbH, Bad Essen
28          Italy Consorzio Sativa Societa Cooperativa Agricoloa, Cesena
29        Italy Semetica s.r.l., Montevarchi, Arezzo
30          Italy AS.A.R. Societa Semplice Agricola Randazzo, Buacina (PA)
31          Italy Fratelli Menzo Sas, Piazza Armerina
32        Italy ISI Sementi SpA, Fidenza (PR)
33          Italy Società Produttori Sementi - SYNGENTA, Argelato (Bologna)
34          Italy ESASEM Spa, Casaleone
35          Italy Tera Seeds srl cons, Gambettola, Forlì-Cesena
36          Italy La Semiorto Sementi, Lavorate di Sarno
37          Italy APSOVSEMENTI S.p.A, Voghera
38          Italy ISEA Srl, Agroservice SpA, San Severino Marche, Macerata
39         Italy Ca' Colonna srl Soc. Agr., Ravenna
40         Netherlands Nunhems Netherlands B.V., Nunhems
41         Netherlands Bejo seeds, Warmenhuizen
42         Netherlands Van Dinter Semo, Scheemda
43          Norway Graminor AS, Ridabu
44         Poland Smolice Plant Breeding Limited Liability Company, Przebędowo
45         Portugal Sementes Vivas, Idanha-a-Nova
46          Serbia Maize Research Institute Zemun Polje, Belgrade - Zemun Polje
47          Serbia Biogranum d.o.o. Novi Sad, Novi Sad
48          Slovakia National Agricultural and Food Centre, Piestany
49          Spain Agrovegetal S.A., Sevilla
50          Spain Semillas Fitó S.A., Barcelona
51          Sweden Lantmännen Lantbruk, Svalöv
52         Switzerland Sativa Rheinau AG, Rheinau
53         Switzerland Zollinger Conseils Sàrl, Les Evouettes
54          Switzerland Delley Semences et Plantes SA, Delley
55          Türkiye Tekfen TARIM, Istanbul
56          Türkiye AYER TOHUMCULUK LTD.STI, Gönen/Balıkesir
The EVA project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food
and Agriculture for the period 2019-2024.