Flax flower. Photo: Courtesy of © Z. Jankauskienė


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Working Group operative documents

  • Working Group Chair’s report for Phase IX (prepared for the Fifteenth ECPGR Steering Committee Meeting) (see here)

Background information

During its first meeting in Bury St. Edmunds, United Kingdom, in September 1999, the ECPGR Industrial Crops and Potato (renamed as Sugar, Starch and Fibre Crops as of October 2003) Network Coordinating Group (NCG) suggested the organization of an ad hoc meeting on flax, with the main objective of facilitating the development of the International Flax Database, as well as to exchange information about the status of flax genetic resources in Europe.
As a result of this proposal, an ad hoc group of representatives of European flax collections met in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2001.

A proposal for the establishment of a formal ECPGR Working Group on Fibre Crops, including Flax and Hemp was submitted to and approved by the ECPGR Steering Committee in October 2003.