During the 16th ECPGR Steering Committee meeting in Sweden (June 2022), a proposal to establish a network of European genebank managers was made with the aim of better connect people with this function and strengthening the cooperation among leaders of genebanks in Europe.
In 2023, the Steering Committee gave its support for the establishment of this Network, with the overall aim to strengthen the management of genebanks through the exchange of knowledge, cooperation and capacity building of genebanks, including the various aspects of leading and managing a genebank.

The scope and modus operandi of the Network are defined by dedicated Terms of Reference.


  • Third meeting, Braga, Portugal, 13-15 May 2024. [Agenda (160,2 KB) | Presentations available below]
  • Second meeting, online, 4 March 2024. [Minutes (120,3 KB)]
  • First meeting, online, 16 November 2023. [Agenda (558,7 KB)] and [minutes (116,1 KB)].


Presentations given at the 1st Genebank Managers Neetwork in-person meeting

13-15 May 2024, Braga, Portugal

All presentations given during the meeting are listed in the table below. Click on the title of the presentation to display the relevant presentation.
Disclaimer: These texts and presentations have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.



ECPGR Network of Genebank Managers – how to use it in the best possible way (1,6 MB)L. L. Steffensen
AEGIS: A European Genebank Integrated System (959,1 KB)L. Maggioni
Let’s fly high: the perfect genebank community in Europe (and improving the current by  collaborating more effectively) (2,0 MB)Th. van Hintum
PRO-GRACE – Horizon European Research Infrastructure status and discussion on the strategic pros and cons of the initiative (1,6 MB)L. Maggioni
Thoughts about elements in a quality management system (824,3 KB)L. L. Steffensen
Experiences from EU Horizon AGENT project (884,7 KB)D. Janovská
Examples from genebanks on quality management systems (2,0 MB)J. S. Vozlič
What are the legal provisions for distribution of seeds with an SMTA? (2,9 MB)F. Lopez