National Focal Points Regional Training Workshop for Southeast Europe

Activity Coordinator: Stephan Weise  Email

The proposal for a “EURISCO NFP regional training workshop for Southeast Europe 2015 (EURISCO Training 2015)”, submitted by the Documentation and Information Working Group for funding under the Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee in December 2014.

The workshop, organized in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania, was held 19-21 May 2015.


All presentations given during the workshop are listed in the table below. Click on the title of the presentation to display the relevant presentation.
Disclaimer: These texts and presentations have not been edited and are being published as originally received from the authors.

1.Country NI development and status
2.EURISCO Catalogue (2,8 MB)
S. Weise
3.Data quality checks (1,2 MB)
H. Knüpffer & S. Weise
4.Albanian active collections with focus on documentation (899,2 KB)
B. Gixhari
5.Regional Management of NI and Relation to EURISCO
in the Nordic Countries and Introduction to Svalbard
Global SeedVault for Depositors
(1,9 MB)

J. Nordling
6.The German National Inventory PGRDEU in the
national, European and international context
(3,9 MB)
S. Sensen
7.C&E data templates (556,2 KB)
S. Weise
8.C&E data in EURISCO (749,0 KB)
S. Weise