Improvement of Fruit Tree Data Inclusion in EURISCO (FRUITTREEDATA)

Activity Coordinator: Matthew Ordidge  Email

The project on "Improvement of Fruit Tree Data Inclusion in EURISCO (FRUITTREEDATA)", submitted by the Prunus Working Group for funding under the Fifth Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme for Phase X, was approved by the Executive Committee in November 2021.


December 2023
The FRUITTREEDATA Activity partners had an online kick-off meeting on 7 December 2023. They discussed and agreed on the necessary steps to improve the completeness and quality of  MalusPrunus and Pyrus data in EURISCO. Each partner committed to revise national inventory data in comparison with information currently in EURISCO and fill gaps in EURISCO for all the relevant accessions, i.e. those that would be ‘theoretically available’ (considering issues such as phytosanitary requirements, capacity and PVR restrictions to be temporary and navigable).  Partners will also work towards the inclusion of available C&E data, following the EURISCO standards and procedures. The Activity will run for the next two years and is expected to salvage EURISCO relevant data from the ECPGR Prunus Database and most likely to decommission all three Central Crop Databases. Minutes are available [here (200,1 KB)]

After some delay, the FRUITTREEDATA Activity will start during the fall, aiming to improve the quality and quantity of Malus, Pyrus and Prunus data in EURISCO, also including available characterization and evaluation data.


ECPGR Prunus Working Group