New AEGIS accessions from Germany

Germany has flagged 12664 accessions for the AEGIS European Collection

Joint position paper of EFRP and ECPGR on the EU CAP

In October 2018 the two networks ERFP and ECPGR have signed a joint position paper addressed to the EU with regard to the ongoing reform of the Common…

Assessing linkages between genebanks and direct users (LINKAGES)

The Final Activity Report is now available online

Private Public Partnerships for the use of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture Phase II

The Report of the Second workshop, 27-28 March 2018, Rome, Italy, is available online

Networking among Working Groups for discussing and coordinating the implementation of ECPGR objectives

The Activity report (Report of the "ECPGR Networking" meeting) is available online

New database on Vitis - Rare traditional varieties on-farm

The database is now online (July 2018).

New taxonomy feature added to EURISCO

EURISCO data were mapped to the existing major taxonomic references...

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