Increasing the efficiency of conservation of Vitis sylvestris genetic resources in Europe

Activity CoordinatorGeorgios Merkouropoulos

The Sylvestris Activity, submitted by the Vitis Working Group for funding under the Sixth Call of the Phase X ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee and approved in December 2022. 


May 2024
The final meeting for the Sylvestris Activity will be held online on 29 May 2024 

October 2023
The second meeting for the Sylvestris Activity took place in Kavala, Greece, from 10-11 October 2023.
The agenda is available [here (745,1 KB)] and the presentations shared at the meeting are available below.

The next online meeting will be held on 27 October. The agenda is available [here (305,4 KB)]


March 2023
The Sylvestris Activity was launched with an online kick-off meeting on 17 March 2023.
Presentations given during the meeting:


Presentations - 2nd meeting, 10-11 October 2023

Wine and Vine; Myths and archaeological data in the shadow of Mount Pangeo (2,4 MB)S. Dadaki
Prehistoric settlement of Philippi-Dikili Tash, around 4,300 BC: from grape juice to red wine (8,1 MB)D. Malamidou
On the Iter Vitis 'Cultural Route of the Council of Europe': Next stop, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki (7,4 MB)E. Tsangaraki
Croatia - Current situation of Vitis sylvestris in Croatia (3,0 MB)G. Zdunic and E. Maletic
Cyprus - Monitoring, collection and evaluation of wild vine population in Cyprus (5,0 MB)S. Savvides
Georgia - Wild grapevine Vitis vinifera ssp. sylvestris Gmel in Georgia (3,5 MB)

S. Kikilashvili and D. Maghradze

Germany - Natural regeneration of Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris (Gmelin) Hegi on a Rhine island near Ketsch (2,0 MB)E. Maul, F. Röckel, M. Niederl
Greece - A holistic approach for Vitis: targeting genetic, ampelographic and epigenetic pools  (1,7 MB)E. Avramidou
Greece - Vitis vinifera ssp. sylvestris in the region around Dikili Tash (Greece) (2,6 MB)G. Merkouropoulos
Compiling unused Vitis sylvestris genetic data – update and further steps (1,6 MB)F. Röckel, E. Maul, G. de Lorenzis,G. Zdunic, G. Merkouropoulos, K. Margaryan, V. Laucou, J. Tello
Crop wild relatives: new development in Eurisco database (1,3 MB)

M. A. Palombi

North Macedonia - Inventory and characterization of wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera ssp. sylvestris) from North Macedonia (2,3 MB)K. Beleski
Portugal – Vitis vinifera ssp. sylvestris in Portugal: Inventory, characterization and preservation (1,5 MB)J. Cunha
Romania - Wild grapevine in Romania: distribution area, morphological and biochemical characterization (2,1 MB)A. Dumitru, A. Manolescu and C. Colibaba
Serbia - Investigation of genetic resources of Vitis vinifera L. subsp. sylvestris (C.C. Gmel.) Hegi in Serbia (4,5 MB)D. Ivanisevic and D. Nikolic
Slovenia - Vitis sylvestris in Slovenia (1,6 MB)A. Jež Krebelj

Slovenia - Monitoring and genotyping of Vitis sylvestris locations in Slovenia (1,3 MB)

A. Perko and S. Vrsic
Spain - Spanish Vitis sylvestris genetic resources preserved in the grapevine collection of El Encín (2,1 MB)

G. Muñoz Organero

Spain - Collection and genetic characterization of wild grapevines from La Rioja (Spain) …and beyond (1,9 MB)

J. Tello
Viticulture in Türkiye (13,3 MB)S. Karabat
Türkiye - Sylvestris Survey of Aegean region of Türkiye (5,5 MB)M. Kesgin and S. Karabat


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