The Sixth Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme was launched on 23 August 2022, with a deadline on 15 November 2022.

Out of the seven new proposals submitted, the ExCo selected for funding the proposals submitted by the Working Groups on:

  • Allium, Cryopreservation, and Documentation & Information ('Garli-CCS', with the aim to develop an efficient conservation strategy for European garlic accessions in conjunction with cryopreservation and increased access for breeders and producers through prioritization, rationalization and acquisition activities)

  • Grain Legumes ('ExploDiv', with the aim to identify and secure the diversity of in situ grain legume genetic resources to sustain adaptive capacity for resilience to climate change; and 'forEVA', with the aim to lay the foundations of an EVA-legume network, which will eventually ensure comprehensive characterization and evaluation of legume germplasm)

  • On-farm Conservation & Management, and Wheat ('INWHEATORY', with the aim to create national inventories of wheat landraces)

  • Potato ('EURO-POTATOES', with the aim to expand the number of potato accessions flagged in AEGIS)

  • Vitis ('Sylvestris', with the aim to update and enrich the findings on wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris) occurrence in Europe as a follow-up to the previous Grant Scheme Activity 'InWiGrape')

Requests for clarifications are expressed in the Letter of Award. 

Table of successful proposals:

  AcronymWorking Group(s)Activity CoordinatorDate of approvalProposalBudget tableBudget in EuroLetter of award
 1EURO-POTATOESPotatoVeli-Matti Rokka14 Feb 2023PDF  (523,2 KB)PDF  (521,1 KB)€ 29,999.99PDF (288,8 KB)
 2ExploDivGrain LegumesCreola Brezeanu1 Dec 2022PDF (602,7 KB)PDF (160,7 KB)€ 28,600PDF (250,8 KB)
 3forEVAGrain LegumesCreola Brezeanu1 Dec 2022PDF (873,8 KB)PDF (114,7 KB)€ 16,500PDF (249,9 KB)


Documentation & Information
Manuela Nagel 1 Dec 2022PDF (718,5 KB)PDF (115,5 KB)€ 59,997
PDF (300,5 KB)


On-farm Conservation & Management;
Lorenzo Raggi 1 Dec 2022PDF (620,9 KB)PDF (18,2 KB)€ 30,250
PDF (324,3 KB)
 6SylvestrisVitisGeorgios Merkouropoulos
6 Dec 2022PDF (442,3 KB)PDF (197,2 KB)€ 25,520PDF (739,2 KB)
      Total € 190,866.99