The Fifth Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme was launched on 15 May 2021, with a deadline on 19 September 2021.

Out of the three new proposals submitted, the ExCo selected for funding  the proposal submitted by the Working Groups on Malus/Pyrus and Prunus ((with the objective to improve Fruit Tree Data Inclusion in EURISCO) and the proposal submitted by the Working Groups on Wheat and On-farm Conservation (aiming at developing chances for the conservation and re-cultivation of central European Binkel (club wheat) through a nutritional and genetic differentiation towards other wheat species), with a request for clarifications expressed in the Letter of Award). The ExCo suggested the resubmission of a revised document in the case of the third proposal, submitted by the Working Group on Wheat.

Table of successful proposal(PDFs attached):

  AcronymWorking Group(s)Activity CoordinatorDate of approvalProposalBudget tableBudget in EuroLetter of award
 1BiDifferentOn-farm conservation and management / WheatRudolf Vögel16 November 2021PDF (336,5 KB)PDF (18,4 KB)€ 37,180PDF (125,8 KB)
 2FRUITTREEDATAMalus/Pyrus / PrunusMatthew Ordidge16 November 2021PDF (357,1 KB)PDF (171,7 KB)€ 38,775PDF (119,2 KB)
      Total € 75,955