The EURISCO 2018 Training Workshop was sponsored by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

EURISCO Training Workshop 2018

The EURISCO training workshop was held in Gatersleben, Germany, 9-11 October 2018.
The workshop aimed at training National Inventory Focal Points to update National Inventory data in EURISCO. Main topics on the agenda were an introduction to the EURISCO intranet, which was extended for the integration of C&E data, as well as data quality and completeness. Special emphasis were put on the preparation and uploading of C&E data, and on the discussion of further extensions. Hands-on sessions were performed for uploading and testing with NI datasets (both passport data and C&E data) of individual participants who got guidance on interpreting and utilising responses of the new upload system to improve their data.

Second meeting of the EURISCO Advisory Committee

The second meeting of the EURISCO Advisory Committee was held in Gatersleben, Germany on 11 October 2018, back-to-back with the EURISCO Training Workshop.