Summary of the meeting

The meeting of the Working Groups Chairs and the Executive Committee was held online on 8-9 March 2023 and was planned in preparation for the End-of-Phase ECPGR Steering Committee meeting of May/June 2023. Chairs and vice-Chairs representing 22 Working Groups attended. During two afternoons, Chairs were given the opportunity to comment on draft background documents setting the scene for the Phase XI of ECPGR. In particular, the meeting discussed the draft Tables of priorities for Phase XI of ECPGR, with detailed proposed activities that could be prioritized for ECPGR funding. Several suggestions were made to improve the tables, with additions of activities and suggested changes of the priority level. All the suggestions discussed were compiled into a new draft table which was circulated to all the participants and will be further elaborated by the Secretariat for submission to the Steering Committee. Additionally, the draft revised ‘ECPGR Terms of Reference for operational bodies and mechanisms’ were also commented on in the relevant sections for the Working Groups (Working Groups, Working Group Chairs, Grant Scheme, AEGIS, EVA and EURISCO mechanisms). Several good comments were raised and these will be incorporated in a new draft version by the dedicated ECPGR Task Force. These documents will eventually be discussed and finalized by the Steering Committee in June, taking into consideration comments received from the Working Group Chairs.

The meeting was also used to remind the Chairs about the need to fill in the template for the Working Group’s Phase X report and to update everyone on the recent launch of a series of webinars aimed to disseminate and discuss the results of completed ECPGR Activities funded under the Grant Scheme.

The opportunity given to the Chairs to offer inputs prior to the Steering Committee meeting was appreciated with a recommendation to continue maintaining a similar approach of collaboration.