Enhancing quality and quantity of Vitis genetic resources in AEGIS

Activity Coordinator: Gregorio Muñoz Organero email

The project on "Enhancing quality and quantity of Vitis genetic resources in AEGIS (AEG-VIT-IS)", submitted by the Vitis Working Group for funding under the First Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme for Phase X, was selected by the Executive Committee in June 2019.


March 2022
The  AEG-VIT-IS Activity Report is available online [here]

November 2020

A virtual meeting was held on Thursday, 5 November.

Participants from 16 countries gave account of the status of Vitis genetic resources in the respective country collections. Discussion focused on the suggested guidelines to select candidate accessions for the AEGIS European Collection.  Currently, 909 candidate accessions from 10 countries are proposed for AEGIS in the European Vitis Database. As a task foreseen by the Activity, each institution holding a collection was recommended to fill in the AEGIS operational genebank manual that helps describing the current modalities of genebank management throughout the network. The identification of varieties with unsolved identities, due to misnomers, synonyms and homonyms, is considered a long-lasting challenge. The Activity members agreed on a procedure to identify ‘questionable’ accessions, based on the use of passport data and SSR alleles.

July 2020

The meeting planned for 2-3 July in  Alcalá de Henares, Spain is postponed until further notice.

January 2020

The Activity has started. 

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