Fostering the need for implementation of the ECPGR European Evaluation Network (EVA) on grain legumes

Activity Coordinator: Creola Brezeanu

The 'forEVA' Activity, submitted by the Grain Legumes Working Group for funding under the Sixth Call of the Phase X ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee and approved in December 2022. 


February 2024
The EVA Legumes network is starting its implementation through virtual meetings of the crop groups, where partners identify priority traits and materials and discuss the work plan appropriate for their legume crop. Partners participate in multiple crop groups according to their interests and expertise, and for each group, a crop leader was identified to guide the scientific aspects of the proposed work. Seven parallel meetings are in progress.

December 2023
ForEVA partners and stakeholders responded to a survey identifying expertise and capacity for the seven priority legume crops the EVA Legumes network will be working on: beans, chickpeas, fava beans, lentils, lupines, peas and orphan legumes. Fifty-one (51) organizations will jointly implement the network through overlapping crop groups. A large diversity of European grain legumes will be available to the network from the different partners’ genebank collections, including also material developed in Horizon projects BRESOV and INCREASE. Multilocation evaluation trials will be possible in diverse environments across the continent, creating valuable field observations that will guide the future use of legume diversity in breeding and production.

October 2023
The ForEVA project meeting took place on 10-11 October 2023 in Bucharest, Romania. The meeting brought together 33 project partners and stakeholders with around 20 additional stakeholders connecting online to the meeting. Participants reviewed ongoing initiatives on legumes across Europe and jointly discussed the options for the establishment of an EVA Legumes network.

Linkages with HorizonEurope projects INCREASE, Belis and Legume Generation will provide opportunities for collaboration. Priority legume crops were identified and subgroups were created to develop draft work plans and budget proposals. Participants were excited to participate in this new initiative, which is expected to start work in 2024.

The agenda and presentations given during the meeting are available here.

May 2023
The ForEVA project is soliciting Expressions of interest from potential private and public sector partners to participate in the project and jointly develop the new EVA Legumes network. Interested stakeholders are invited to complete the Letter of Commitment with information on their organization, interests and possible contributions and email them to the EVA coordinator Sandra Goritschnig.

March 2023
The ForEVA Activity was launched and promoted at different events, such as the BRESOV Final Conference where breeding companies and NGOs were identified and invited to join the initiative.

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