Exploring grain legumes diversity for sustainable European agri-food systems

Activity Coordinator: Creola Brezeanu

The ExploDiv Activity, submitted by the Grain Legumes Working Group for funding under the Sixth Call of the Phase X ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme, was selected by the Executive Committee and approved in December 2022. 


April 2023
The kick-off meeting of the ExploDiv activity was held online at the end of April 2023. Partners have selected working material and local germplasm, designing the phenotypic templates and harmonizing the work plan.

March 2023
The Grain Legumes WG applied to the IMPETUS accelerator programme with ‘Exploring Legumes Diversity and its Potential to Straighten Local Community – LEGACY’, linked to the ECPGR ExploDiv Activity. IMPETUS is an initiative looking for Citizen Science projects which can have a wide-ranging scope of scientific and social activities that engage citizens and aim to deliver scientific advancement and social benefits, support communities, and foster an open and inclusive civil society.

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