Presentations given at the Workshop Forages 2020, 9-11 November 2015, NordGen, Alnarp, Sweden

Welcome to NordGenArni BragasonWA (1,7 MB)
Welcome to the meetingAnna PalméWB (505,0 KB)
ECPGR: latest developments Lorenzo MaggioniWC (832,2 KB)
Selection and flagging of accessions for the European Collection (AEGIS)Petter MarumS1A (2,4 MB)
Progress on selecting and flagging of accessions for the European Collection (AEGIS):
- United KingdomIan D. ThomasS1B (266,6 KB)
- SwitzerlandBeat BollerS1C (442,5 KB)
- GreecePhotini MylonaS1D (627,2 KB)
- GermanyEvelin WillnerS1F (280,5 KB)
Crop wild relatives
Crop wild relatives and how to conserve them in situNigel MaxtedS2A (3,7 MB)
Progress on in situ conservation of crop wild relatives in NorwayÅsmund AsdalS2B (4,6 MB)
Using CWR:S in forage breedingMerja VeteläinenS2C (1,5 MB)
Conserving the diversity of forage genetic resources in managed grassland in Switzerland – results and implementationBeat BollerS2E (2,2 MB)
Characterisation and Evaluation data
Incorporation of C&E data in EURISCOStephan WeiseS3A (800,0 KB)
Diversity Seek (DivSeek): An international partnership to harness the genetic potential of crop diversityPeter WenzlS3C (2,2 MB)
A survey of forages C&E data in Europe. State-of-the-artEvelin WillnerS3D (1,4 MB)
User’s experience of FIGS: seeking sources of drought resistance in faba beanFred StoddardS3E (1,4 MB)



Forages 2020