Unlocking maize diversity: a new study on European landraces by the EVA Network

Published in Biology, the study showcases the genetic and phenotypic diversity of 626 maize landraces preserved in European genebanks.

New AEGIS accessions from Germany

With 47,016 new accessions from Germany, the European Collection now holds 121,988 accessions

Joint policy symposium and workshop on plant genetic resources and phenotyping

Promoted by PRO-GRACE in collaboration with EMPHASIS, the event will take place in Brussels on 27 and 28 June 2024

CGN, The Netherlands sets precedent with public access to standard operating procedures

The Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN) has made public all the procedures that allow a genebank to properly conserve and distribute germplasm.

Webinar - EU Plant Reproductive Material Marketing Law Reform

The recording and presentations of the webinar organized by ECPGR with Arche Noah, Rete Semi Rurali and Fundación Entretantos are now available

Training School on Dormant Bud Cryopreservation

Held 22-23 May 2024 in Faenza, Italy, the School trained nine Cryopreservation WG members on theoretical principles as well as practical sessions on…

Celebrating champions of plant genetic resources

Geoff Hawtin and Cary Fowler honoured with the World Food Prize for their exceptional contributions to global food security


New AEGIS accessions from the Czech Republic

With 402 new accessions from the Czech Republic, the European Collection now holds 70,830 accessions

Training School on Dormant Bud Cryopreservation

The Training School, organized by the ECPGR Cryopreservation Working Group, will be held in Faenza, Italy, 21-23 May 2024.

Getting to the roots of carrot genetic diversity

A study by the EVA Carrot Network, published in Acta Horticulturae, shed light on carrot genetic diversity, evaluating 60 landraces from 16 countries