The ECPGR Glycine Database


N.I. Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry (VIR)
Bolshaya Morskaya Street 42-44, 190000 St Petersburg
Russian Federation
Tel: +7-812 3144732; Fax: +7-812 3118762

The European Glycine database was established in 1996, following the first meeting of the ECPGR Working Group on Grain Legumes, held in 1995 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is maintained by the N.I. Vavilov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Plant Production (VIR). This database contains passport data of more than 12 893 accessions representing the Glycine collections from 11 European contributors. The structure of the database follows the principles of the FAO/IPGRI Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors list. Seed requests should be sent directly to the holding institutes.

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