Country quota details

Total quota available during phase IX: 20
Total quota donated by ExCo: 0
Total quota used: 18
Total quota booked: 0
Total remaining quota: 2

Facilitating use on the European perennial ryegrass collection (ImprovLoliumCol) - first meeting1Gražina Statkevičiūtė On Behalf of Eglė NorkevičienėFrance - December 2018
ECPGR Steering Committee - 15th meeting0Bronislovas GelvonauskisGreece - May 2018
SafeAlliDiv second meeting 20183Danguolė JuškevičienėCzech Republic - April 2018
SafeAlliDiv second meeting 20180Vytautas JuškevičiusCzech Republic - April 2018self-funded
GRIN-Global3Raimondas BaltrėnasCzech Republic - August 2017
SafeAlliDiv first meeting 20172Danguolė JuškevičienėEstonia - July 2017
MAPEUROCOLLECTION meeting3Jolita RadušienėPortugal - April 2017
EURISCO National Focal Points Training Workshop for Western Europe 4Raimondas BaltrėnasFrance - October 2016
Towards an integrated European strategy for CWR0Juozas LabokasLithuania - September 2016Host
14th (Mid-term) Steering Committee meeting0Bronislovas GelvonauskisBosnia and Herzegovina - May 2016
Identification and updating of C&E data in EBDB of AEGIS Hordeum (HordEva)2Algé LeistrumaitéSweden - November 2015
ECPGR WG for Forages towards 2020s (Forages 2020) – project workshop0Eglė NorkevičienėSweden - November 2015Attending on-line
ECPGR WG for Forages towards 2020s (Forages 2020) – project workshop0Vilma KemesyteSweden - November 2015Observer - attending on-line
Workshop of the Documentation and Information Working Group0Raimondas BaltrėnasCzech Republic - May 2014

ECPGR Country quota