Independent External Review of ECPGR

At its 11th meeting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in September 2008, the ECPGR Steering Committee decided to commission an Independent External Review to be carried out during 2010.

The Review Panel comprised three members: Thomas Gass (Chair), Marianne Lefort and Orlando de Ponti.Two members of the ECPGR Steering Committee: Jens Weibull, Chair and Silvia Strajeru also attended the ECPGR presentations and the visits to partners at FAO. Prior to the actual review which took place at Bioversity International (Bioversity) headquarters in Maccarese, Rome, Orlando de Ponti attended an ECPGR Working Group meeting. The Panel also analyzed numerous documents including a Stakeholders Survey (summary of the Survey)which was conducted in March 2010and a synthesis document prepared by the ECPGR Secretariat. Face to face meetings and teleconferences were held in Rome with the ECPGR Secretariat Team and its coordinator Lorenzo Maggioni; with various Bioversity staff; the AGP office at FAO; the Global Crop Diversity Trust; and the Secretariat of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Furthermore, a number of telephone interviews were conducted with members of ECPGR Working Groups and with National Coordinators.

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