Second call

A total of 11 proposals were submitted as a result to the second Call of the AEGIS Competitive Grant Scheme. The evaluation was carried out by the AEGIS Advisory Committee, with the help of the ECPGR Secretariat, using the criteria that were established prior the announcement of the second call of the Grant Scheme.sed on the assessment, and carefully applying the selection criteria, the Advisory Committee selected five proposals out of the 11 eligible proposals.

Title of successful proposalProject proposalProgress reportFinal report
Establishment of the European Forage Collection. MTT Agrifood Research, FinlandPDF (60,0 KB)Report of the ECPGR-AEGIS Forages, 1st Workshop (2012) (602,7 KB)

Report of the ECPGR-AEGIS Forages, 2nd Workshop (2013) (5,7 MB)

PGR Duplicate Finder: a software package to assist in the identification of putative duplicates in germplasm databases. Centre for Genetic Rersources (CGN), The NetherlandsPDF (35,9 KB) 

Final report (106,3 KB)




Improving the prerequisites for a European rye collection. Nordic Genetic Resources Centre (NordGen), SwedenPDF (69,1 KB) 

Final report (July 2013) (197,4 KB)


I. Maintenance (82,2 KB)

II. Characterization descriptors for Rye (Final version, December 2013) (138,5 KB)

III. AEGIS Rye list

Identification of old potato clones having unreliable variety name by means of fingerprinting using microsatellite (SSR) markers to assist in setting up the AEGIS collection for potato cultivars. Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN), The NetherlandsPDF (99,0 KB)Progress report (Dec 2011) (12,1 KB)

Final report (October 2014) (385,5 KB)

all documents can be downloaded from: click here

Brassica selection criteria for the identification of the MAAs relate to the Brassica oleracea of Iberian collection. Banco Portugues de Germoplasma Vegetal, INRB, I.P, PortugalPDF (261,1 KB) 

Final report (2012) (548,8 KB)

Summary report (59,0 KB)